Home Fire Sprinkler Week 2022Help Us Fill the Digital World with Life Safety Messages

2022 HFSC Canada Sprinkler Symposium


Can you imagine how many people we can reach if we all share the same messages at the same time? This is an opportunity for the fire service to bring together their digital voices and spread the word about the life saving benefits of home fire sprinklers. We have the tools to do it. We hope you’ll join in!

The Campaign is Simple:

  • Every day there is a different theme and content for social media and websites.
  • You can choose which messages you want to share. Or consider sharing them all!
  • Please visit and share the messages every day.

Let’s flood the Internet with facts about home fire sprinklers this week!

social media

non sprinklered room on fire

VR Home Fire Demonstration – Unsprinklered and Sprinklered

Watch on YouTube

Watch in 360° on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The videos can be downloaded to view with virtual reality headsets.

New for 2022!

Virtual Reality (VR) Home Fire and Sprinkler Burn Videos

VR Home Fire Demonstration – Unsprinklered and Sprinklered

Watch on Youtube
Download the file (484 MB)

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