Building With Home Fire Sprinklers

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Include Fire Sprinklers When You Build Your New Home

Ask your builder or architect if they have experience working with fire sprinklers and if they know a sprinkler contractor.

  • If they don’t, talk to your local fire department for recommendations.
  • You can also do a web search or look in the Yellow pages.
  • Ask the sprinkler contractor if they have experience with NFPA 13D systems (the standard for home fire sprinklers).
  • Fire sprinklers are definitely not a Do-It-Yourself project. They have to be carefully engineered and installed correctly.
  • If your builder does not want to build with sprinklers, contact other builders in your area who will work with you.
  • Your sprinkler contractor will work with you to decide what type of sprinklers are best for your home. You can choose the traditional pendent style or concealed sprinklers.
  • If freezing is a problem in your area, you might use sidewall sprinklers to avoid running piping in your attic.
  • Sprinklers are installed as part of the construction process, usually right after plumbing and electrical.

If you are doing a home renovation you can add sprinklers as part of the project. Retrofitting Fire Sprinklers.

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