Living with Fire Sprinklers

Child in sprinklered room

Living With Sprinklers is Easy

  • Fire sprinklers require almost no maintenance and only work when you need them.
  • Do a simple flow test about twice a year or have your sprinkler contractor do it for you.
  • Occasionally do a visual inspection of the controls and sprinklers.
  • Use a padlock to keep the water valve in the ON position.
  • Teach your children fire sprinklers are not toys and should not be played with.
  • NEVER hang anything on the sprinklers, even temporarily.
  • Do not paint the sprinklers. And if you hire painters, make sure they know not to paint them.
  • Don’t block the sprinklers with furniture or fabrics. If the spray is blocked the sprinkler cannot put out a fire.
  • Most important, DON’T WORRY. Sprinklers are not complicated.

It’s Easy to Live with Home Fire Sprinklers

Living with fire sprinklers is very easy. They require little maintenance and they can save your life.

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Brochure and Hangtag

Know your home fire sprinkler system, how sprinklers work and how easy it is to maintain them.

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