Fire Sprinklers Protect Your Home and Your Family

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Fire Sprinklers Protect Your Home and Your Family

  • Fire sprinklers are not complicated.
  • Sprinklers come in a variety of styles including the classic pendant, sidewall and concealed.
  • Manufacturers can paint them to match your decor (do not paint them yourself).
  • There are two types of layouts, standalone and combined.
  • Standalone layouts have separate pipes that just serve the sprinklers.
  • Combined layouts use the same pipes to serve your plumbing fixtures and your sprinklers.
  • Your sprinkler contractor can let you know what will work best in your home.
  • If you are on a municipal water system you should have enough water pressure to operate your sprinklers.
  • If you are on a well or have very low water pressure you can still have sprinklers by using a tank and pump.

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