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9/10 fire deaths happen at home

8 Out of 10 Structure Fire Deaths Occur in the Home

Installing fire sprinklers in new homes is a great idea that can save lives, money and water. As a real estate agent, insurance agent, local official or water purveyor, you have very specific questions about the impact of home fire sprinklers. In this section, you will find answers to your professional questions.

real estate sold

Real Estate Agents

If you’re marketing a home with fire sprinklers, you’ve got a great selling feature.

people at risk in fire

Insurance Agents

Fire is the largest single cause of property loss.

community of homes

Local Officials

Home fire sprinklers are being installed in thousands of  homes each year.

water purveyors

Water Departments

Fire sprinklers save lives and water and can reduce infrastructure costs.

building officials

Building Officials

New construction homes present unique fire hazards that result from lightweight construction.

pendant fire sprinkler

Quick Guide to Fire Sprinklers

All the basics of fire sprinklers your customers need, in easy to understand segments.