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A Growing Trend Nationwide

Home fire sprinklers are being installed in thousands of one- and two-family homes each year in communities throughout the country. This trend is the result of communities passing ordinances, developers taking advantage of trade-ups and homeowners requesting sprinklers as an option.

Thousands of Lives Lost Every Year

The fire problem in Canada is overwhelmingly a home fire problem: Eight out of 10 of all structure fire deaths occur in the home. Any improvements in your community’s overall fire safety must be improvements in home fire safety. No strategy has as much documented life safety effectiveness as installed fire sprinklers.

Homes Burn, Whether New Or Old

New construction homes have many advantages. But they also present unique fire hazards that result from lightweight construction, popular open design and certain energy-efficiency features.

Fire Sprinklers Make Up for Human Error

Fire sprinklers provide a level of protection that no other fire safety technology can offer. By responding to a fire while it is still small, sprinklers control the spread of deadly heat, flames and toxic smoke.