Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Case Studies

In communities without new-home fire sprinkler requirements, local developer incentives are a fast and effective strategy to increase new-home sprinkler installations, improving public safety.

Regardless of codes or code restrictions, AHJs have the authority to offer valuable incentives (aka trade ups) in exchange for installing fire sprinklers in every home in new developments. These incentives, best negotiated at the pre-approval stage, often resolve costly land-development problems and/or facilitate profitable infrastructure flexibility. The result is a mutually beneficial deal that helps achieve Community Risk Reduction. HFSC is collecting and sharing replicable examples of sprinkler incentives.

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Understanding Home Fire Sprinkelrs: NFPA 13D

What Are Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives?

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Home Fire Sprinklers and Community Risk Reduction

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Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives Case Studies

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