Hopkinton, MA Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Hopkinton, MA Home Fire Sprinkler Incentives

Legacy Farms Single- & Two-Family Homes
The Trails Two-Family Homes
Developer Incentive: Density

Hopkinton, MA fire Sprinklers

Developer Wanted More Density

In the late 1990s, a company requested to sell a large parcel of agricultural land to new-home developers. The Town of Hopkinton responded with a comprehensive agreement to permit construction of approximately 1,000 new homes with conditions to protect the area’s open spaces, control school growth, and ensure fire protection. Fire sprinklers in every new home allowed the city to offer frontage compromises and closer proximity to other buildings.


Today nearly 50% of the property is completed, with Legacy Farms houses built by Pulte and The Trails homes built by Heritage Properties. Thousands of residents are protected by fire sprinklers.

Fire officials have already documented two home fire sprinkler saves. One fire occurred when a candle was left unattended; the other was caused by cooking. In both cases, a single sprinkler confined the fire to the room of origin. There were no injuries.

Sprinkler Costs:

The average cost to install a NFPA 13D system in the developments is just over $1.15 per sprinklered square foot.

“I go to every single planning board meeting and say fire sprinklers will make it safer for the public. It’s a great opportunity to protect new homes as they are built. They will be in rural areas with long driveways and poor access. Many of them don’t have municipal water.” – Hopkinton Fire Chief Stephen T. Slaman

Learn how Hopkinton achieved home fire sprinkler incentives by contacting Hopkinton Fire Prevention Officer Tom Poirier: tpoirier@hopkintonfd.org.

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