Chilliwack Fire Department Provides Fire Sprinkler Education at Home Expo

Lieutenant Lisa Alexson, Fire Prevention Officer, and volunteer firefighters with the City of Chilliwack Fire Department in Chilliwack, BC, provided home fire sprinkler educational materials at the Home Expo held at Chilliwack Heritage Park earlier this year. During this three-day event the Chilliwack Fire Department reached out to more than 200 people providing free Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) materials to help consumers understand the benefits of installing fire sprinklers in the home; showing what sprinklers look like and how they work; and how to market a home with a fire sprinkler system. Many people requested HFSC’s Living with Sprinklers as they already have fire sprinkler systems in their homes.

With limited funds and assistance from the Chilliwack City Hall, the fire department created two posters for display in their booth: Protect What You Value Most and the Home Fire Sprinkler Flashover Chart. They were also able to build an NFPA 13D display showing what the fire sprinkler system looks like in the home. They used leftover wood and sprinkler system materials and components donated by Alexson’s husband, who works for Phaser Fire Sprinkler Protection. The only item they needed to purchase was the sprinkler.

Prior to the Home Expo, volunteer firefighters were educated and trained on home fire sprinklers, which prepared them to answer questions. As a result, several of the firefighters became interested in having fire sprinklers retrofit in their homes.