Fire Sprinklers are a Good Idea

young couple looking at blueprint

Not Just a Good Idea, the Best Idea

  • Most fatal home fires happen at night while people are sleeping.
  • The very young, older adults and people with disabilities are at the greatest risk.
  • Fires are fast. They can become deadly in less than 3 minutes.
  • New houses burn just as often as old houses and are more deadly because of modern furnishing, laminates and contents made of hydro carbons and resins.
  • Not only do sprinklers save lives, they save money. You may receive a discount on your homeowners insurance and if you do have a fire, sprinklers can reduce the cost of damage by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Fire sprinklers are green. They reduce water usage, water runoff, toxins released by fire and building materials, furnishings and contents that would otherwise go to a land fill.

See a side-by-demonstration of a room fire with and without sprinklers. Watch the video.

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There are many organizations dedicated to fire safety that produce very informative materials. See some of them here.