Fire Sprinkler Box Education Tool

Home Fire Sprinkler Summit Held in Langely, B.C.

Home Fire Sprinkler Summit

The summit drew 150 attendees.

An audience of more than 150 was in attendance at the Home and Family Sprinkler Summit in Langely, B.C. on February 22nd. Sponsored by the Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia in conjunction with the B.C. Fire Sprinkler Initiative, the Summit was held to educate about the life safety benefits of installing home fire sprinklers. It drew members of the fire service, public works and code officials, homebuilders, insurance professionals, government representatives and others.

Front and center on every table was HFSC’s new hands-on home fire sprinkler educational tool, which is available at no cost to any member of the Built for Life Fire Department Program. “These tools were very well received,” says NFPA Canadian Regional Director Shayne Mintz, who introduced the tool to the audience. “They served as a visual and compact reminder for the attendees of the facts and benefits of home fire sprinklers.”

Burn survivor Pam Elliott also spoke at the Summit. Elliott has used her voice to advocate for home fire sprinklers with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Common Voices, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and NFPA.

Burn Survivor Pam Elliott

Burn survivor Pam Elliott, an advocate for home fire sprinklers, spoke at the Summit.

Home Fire Sprinkler Education tool

The new home fire sprinkler educational tool was very well received at the Summit.

Shayne Mintz, NFPA Canadian Regional Director, introduced the new educational tool at the Summit.

HFSC’s free home fire sprinkler educational resource is a hands-on box with illustrations, sprinkler facts and a home fire sprinkler inside