Order Your Free HFSC Resources for Fire Prevention Week Here’s How New Brunswick’s Miramichi Fire Department Demonstrated the Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers Last Year

Miramichi Fire Department representatives visited schools during Fire Prevention Week.

The Miramichi Fire Department in New Brunswick held a side-by-side fire demonstration to show what happens when a fire breaks out in a home. The fire was lit in two rooms; one with sprinklers and one without.

There is no better way for the public to see and understand how fast and deadly a home fire can be. The demonstrations show first-hand the life- and property-saving benefits of installing fire sprinklers.

The event gave the public the opportunity to feel the heat of the fire, see how quickly a fire moves and witness fire sprinkler activation—and what happens when sprinklers are not present.

This is the first time the Miramichi Fire Department held a side-by-side event, but it won’t be the last, says Corey Shaddick, the department’s fire prevention officer.

“This was a great way to not only show the public the effectiveness of residential sprinklers but also the importance of working smoke alarms. And it’s a great tool to help the public understand the quick growth of today’s fires,” said Shaddick.

The side-by-side demonstration represents the department’s increased focus on public education and awareness. It was held during National Fire Prevention Week, following firefighter safety presentations at local schools. Attendees also received tours of a fire truck and chatted with firefighters.

The educational presentation was sponsored by Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Canada, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Co-operators, and the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association (CASA).

Click here for demonstration information: https://homefiresprinklercanada.ca/fire-sprinker-demonstration-kit/

The Miramichi Fire Department prepared the side-by-side rooms with typical household furnishings and paint to make the demonstration as real as possible.

The Miramichi Fire Department demonstrates the fire in the room without sprinklers.

side by side burn demonstration

The Miramichi Fire Department demonstrates the fire in the room with sprinklers.